The Dos & Don'ts of Church Reordering Projects | Luke Hughes

Posted by Sophie Goodall - 02 August, 2019


Key things to think about before ordering church furniture

  1. What do I want my church space to provide to the community?
  2. Who is funding the reordering?
  3. Who needs to be part of the decision-making process?

 When reordering church furniture DO . . .

Think about your congregation - do they like to be close, or do they prefer to have some personal space?

Keep in mind who will be moving your furniture daily.

Be imaginative. This is the chance to make your dream service layouts a reality, so if you've always wanted to do Easter in the round and Christmas Eve standing, this is your chance.

Consider how others may use your space - concerts, toddler groups, and community meetings, for example. If you're not sure about how your church could better help the community, this article could help.

Be conscious of storage and ease of movement. The last thing you may want is gorgeous furniture that is too heave or impractical to move and store away.

Ask for opinions from all stakeholders. If a couple is getting ready to marry, ask for their dream church layout. If your Sunday School and choir want to collaborate on acting/singing out bible scenes or psalms, ask how they would want to go about it.

Think about the architecture of your church. Someone lovingly designed your church, and your congregation is emotionally attached to it too. Keeping the style of the architecture in mind when selecting furniture accentuates your space, and the furniture will feel as though it has always been there - rather than detracting from the overall beauty of your building.

Be mindful of cost. Yes, those stacking plastic and metal chairs are cheap, but if they only last a few years at best, are they worth the investment in the long run? Usually, if the congregation or a benefactor are willing to fund reordering, they want their name associated with legacy furniture that suits your space and will last for generations to come.


When reordering church furniture DON'T . . .

Be hasty. You'll have to live with your church seating for years; take your time.

Give in to peer pressure. If one or two members of the parish are very vocal about the choice, but you know their ideas won't work, tell them, kindly but firmly. Ultimately it's a choice that you will have to defend, as no group of people are ever 100% happy.

Buy the cheapest product unless it's perfect for your space. Be penny wise and pound foolish - if a product seems too good to be true, it usually is.

Decide without conducting research.

Keep the congregation in the dark. Communicate your progress and choices with your parish. Having their buy-in and understanding through the process means you manage their expectations efficiently through the decision process, and they will ultimately be excited when the furniture is delivered.

Forget to enjoy it. Reordering church seating is a way to make a lasting impact on the church, an effect that may last long after you move on, they will be your legacy to the parish. Enjoy giving your church more layout options and making your congregation more comfortable.


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