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Posted by Seb Egan - 04 December, 2020


Cambridge Consultants needed an impressive client-facing meeting room that would provide a comfortable meeting environment and the capability to be reconfigured quickly and easily for different types of events.

Despite the generous proportions of the new meeting room, access to it was not quite so generous. The room was served only by a small passenger lift. With no storage directly within or adjacent to the glass box, the team at Luke Hughes were called in to design flexible meeting room furniture comprising of folding meeting tables and stackable wooden chairs that would still fit in the lift.

Tuning and adapting a long tried and tested design of our Athena foldable meeting room table, we were quickly able to come up with a bespoke design of parson-style foldable meeting room table for the same price as a standard product. The one-off design features an elegantly tapered leg to the foldable meeting room tables, compared to the standard rectangular section.

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