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Posted by Luke Hughes - 07 April, 2020


Whilst our offices in London, New York and Beijing remain open for the time being, we are committed to acting responsibility for everyone's benefit, so our teams are now working remotely, ensuring continued service and supply. 

By default, our meetings will now be virtual. Client meetings can be organised via Zoom or your chosen web meeting or conferencing platform. Given the international nature of our work this is how we run and manage most projects so this is very much business as usual.

To add resilience we shall, wherever possible, advise the name of an additional colleague who will have sufficient project knowledge to ensure continuity should your regular contact have to take time off work.  Where we are required to present or review work in person we will limit the number of people in attendance and will be sure to observe all Government guidelines as they evolve.

We are absolutely committed to supporting our clients seamlessly, and will be seeking to maintain the highest possible levels of service throughout this outbreak and beyond.

We know that you will all be facing similar issues within your own business and we look forward to successfully and collegiately working through the challenges with you.

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